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Pizza Tower Game Online Play for Free

An exciting and fun platformer game that fans of Italian cuisine will definitely appreciate. Pizza Tower has been critically acclaimed and already has quite a fan following. Therefore, there is a high probability that later the developers are able to please the players with a sequel or something else interesting!

The gameplay is pretty simple. It is just necessary for you to constantly be on the move and go further bypassing obstacles. There may also be other enemies on your way. Therefore, try not to dwell too long on them.

It is important to mention that it is possible for you to play using a PC. Therefore, it’s pretty versatile for a lot of users. Furthermore, the game is still available on android. Perhaps in the future iOS users will also be able to enjoy it. But now you are able to use it only on these platforms.

Strive To Reach The end

It is significant to mention that the story begins with the main protagonist heavily in debt. One day, the main antagonist Pizzaface comes to him and declares that he destroys the protagonist’s restaurant. Now you have to do everything to prevent this from happening.

By controlling the protagonist, each time you are able to climb higher and further along the location. Along the way, you are up to meeting many interesting people, but now about each of them in more detail.

First, you have a chance to meet many enemies on your way. They all look like different fillings. Here tomatoes, and mushrooms, chicken, potatoes and pineapples and much more. There are quite a few of them here, so in the process you have to face them all and get rid of them. Otherwise, they will delay you greatly.

Secondly, there is someone more difficult here. All bosses are different from normal enemies in that it is necessary for you to put in a lot of effort to defeat them. Therefore, don’t think everything is easy. It is important to mention that their attacks are much stronger and more powerful. Therefore, dodge, so you don’t get hurt too much.

Of all, most likely Pizzahead and Fake Peppino can be distinguished. These characters are rather strong. Speaking of the first, it is not as simple as it seems. In fact, he is the real form of the one who came at the very beginning of the game.

And the second is not real, the one for whom you play. And it ends up being pretty funny, because basically you’re fighting with yourself. In the process, it is possible for you to use various hacks and other tricks to defeat them faster and move on.

How Good Are You

Therefore, it is important to note that as long as you play at the end of each level it is possible for you to receive results. Additionally, you are capable of trying to earn similar achievements. Well, if you didn’t manage to get the best result the first time, then you can always try again.

Thus, each time you are capable of being better, and you have the opportunity to cope much faster. Therefore, constantly practice in passing various obstacles. There are a lot of them and some are quite tricky. Therefore, you need to be attentive.