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Get ready for the passage of an exciting platformer, the theme of which is the favorite food of many. In Pizza Tower you have to go on an exciting adventure with the owner of an Italian restaurant. He has to do everything so that in the end the main antagonist does not destroy his life’s work. And he wants to do it just like that, just for his own fun.

In the game you may find many different levels with enemies. It is important to mention that you will also be expected by those who are quite strong. So do everything to eventually defeat everyone and reach your ill-wisher. It’s important to mention that the protagonist you play as is obsessed with keeping the antagonist from ruining his business.

Whom You May Meet On Your Path

It is worth noting that almost all of your enemies have various toppings. At least most of them. You have to use your powers to get rid of them. Otherwise, you are not able to reach the finals, because they will delay you.

Also, along the way you are able to meet quite strong characters. When you fight against them, you have to go through two phases. This mechanic is added here to complicate the process.

In addition, it is worth adding that each has its own unique location. So it can be fraught with various dangers for you. Therefore, try to deal with them as soon as possible, otherwise everything may end sadly for you.

Pizza Tower itself is quite interesting and exciting. It allows you to improve your reaction speed. Besides, it is possible for you to have a good time. While on the subject, you will also receive something like an assessment for the completed locations.

Therefore, if it so happens that you are not satisfied with the rank that you received in the end, then you are able to try to pass again. If it doesn’t work, put it aside and try again after a while.

What About Part Two

It is important to mention that users really liked this game, which was released recently. So it’s no wonder that there could possibly be a sequel that players are capable of playing later. Probably, she, too, can receive positive reviews if the developers can move in the same spirit.