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Pizza Tower was released quite recently, but has already managed to take a leading position in its genre. The platformer came out very good, so it has already managed to find a large number of loyal fans for itself.

This game is attractive with simplicity and interestingness. You have to go on an exciting adventure together with the protagonist, who does not want to offend his Italian restaurant. He is in debt, while on the subject. And he really needs your help. Thus, you play as him and assist him.

Therefore, together with him you go to his enemy, who threatened him. To do this, you have to walk through many levels, where various obstacles await you. Therefore, the main protagonist must use his skills to get rid of them.

Accordingly, he can use Dash while you are playing. This is one of his main abilities, which allows him to accelerate. Additionally, the passage becomes much more efficient. Therefore, it is possible for you to use it all the time.

You are also capable of doing Super Jump. With it, you are able to jump on high platforms, because it is very different in height from the usual one.

Such as Spinning Piledriver, Giant Swing, Uppercut, Belly Slide, Rising Uppercut and many others can be extremely useful in battles. Therefore, make combinations of them to counter your enemies easily and effectively. Therefore, practice more and you have a chance to do everything really fast.

It can be a little difficult at first, but after a few attempts, you are going to be able to make whole combinations of attacks without any problems and easily defeat anyone who stands in your way.

This will be especially useful for opponents who are at the end of the levels. Therefore, in this way it is possible for you to quickly get rid of them and rise higher and higher. As a result, you will easily reach the main enemy of the protagonist and will be able to quickly deal with him.