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This character is the first boss you will meet while playing Pizza Tower. Speaking in principle about this type of enemies, it is significant to mention that they are quite strong. Therefore, in a couple of seconds to cope with them may not work in the game.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that you will go through two phases while fighting them. Therefore, it’s important to be agile enough to quickly dodge all of their attacks. And also cunning and strong, to strike back with ease.

Speaking about this boss in Pizza Tower, it is significant to recall that he has quite a few different attacks. Therefore, if Shoulder Bash, Ground Pound is used on you, then try to do everything so as not to get hit in the end.

While on the subject, it’s also important to mention that if you want to fight the boss at all, then you have to pay. These are the conditions for entering his location. It can be either $100 or 10 Toppins.

Therefore, try to earn some money before you run into a game battle. Otherwise, you may simply come to the door and turn around to go look for these funds. Accordingly, it is wise to think about it ahead of time.