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A fascinating and interesting game that has already managed to win the hearts of many players. And to be more precise, the fans of platformers. Therefore, if you prefer this genre, then you are capable of definitely appreciating Pizza Tower.

Although it was released quite recently, it has already managed to get quite a lot of positive reviews. Therefore, if you haven’t tried yet, then it is definitely necessary for you to check it out. Maybe it is going to be that amazing that you will recommend it to your friends. Therefore, you are able to compete with them in speed of completing levels.

Everyone Has Their Own Purpose

It is also really important to mention that the characters here are rather interesting and each of them has their own special traits and history. Speaking about the protagonist, one can note the love for one’s own business. After all, even though he is deeply in debt, he still continues to run his business and tries to do everything to protect it.

Therefore, when the main antagonist arrives with the intention of destroying everything, the protagonist decides to go to Pizza Tower to stop him. To do this, he uses various abilities to resist him.

Ahead of him are waiting for a lot of enemies who are attempting to delay him or stop him. Therefore, just the same, it is possible for you to use your combat abilities on them. Therefore, master them in order to do everything quickly and not linger on them for a long time.

Further, when you get closer to the end of the level, a stronger opponent will be waiting for you. While on the subject, you can’t just bypass it. It’s a must to fight him. Besides, it’s not that easy. The fight with him takes place in two phases and closer to the last he will become very strong.

Additional Content

It is significant to mention that in a fairly short period of time it has gained quite a lot of popularity. Additionally, the developers are now actively working on additional content and various updates.

Therefore, Pizza Tower seiyaas, for its lightness and fascination, has received a large number of fans who are now expecting something else after beating the game.

Accordingly, if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should. Because it’s really interesting! Therefore, pass it and finish all the levels with the highest score.