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There are quite a few different bosses in this game. Therefore, get ready for the fact that after you defeat one, then another has a chance to meet you further. In Pizza Tower, it is necessary for you to fight all of them in order to eventually reach the final.

The latter, by the way, is the one who threatened the protagonist at the very beginning. Therefore, while you play, you have the opportunity to improve your skills in dealing with them. It is worth noting that your character has various abilities in Pizza Tower. Therefore, you are capable of using them against bosses.

Speaking of this, it is rather important to note that it is much stronger than the previous one. Furthermore, now in order to get into his room and face him in battle, you already need twice as many resources for him.

Accordingly, try to collect the required amount in the process. Then when you finally meet him, be careful. He has quite a few different abilities and as soon as you enter, he will immediately begin to use them against you.

Therefore, it is significant that you do not lose face and immediately begin to confront him. Moreover, while on the subject, you have quite a few different attacks. Therefore, attempt to practice now when the bosses are not so difficult.

Moreover, then when you reach the final, it is possible for you to easily use all your skills and not have to worry about anything. Just practice a lot and you are able to master your abilities in the game.